Easy Tips to Fix Slow Internet Speed

Monday, August 16, 2021

Easy Tips to Fix Slow Internet Speed

Are you looking for solutions to boost your slow internet speed? Well, you are at the right place, as this article will help you fix the internet slow speed connection in different ways. Read the article below to better deal with factors that cause your internet to work at a slow pace.


The use of the online platform of the internet has increased, especially after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of people are now limited to their homes. Therefore work-at-home has gained a significant focus. Now, with the increased use of the internet at home, people are facing issues, especially in terms of their slow internet speed. Here is my speed test service to check your internet speed, and if you found it slow, you should follow each step, as discussed below.


1.    Change Router Position


The router is the device that confirms the constant flow of your internet connection while acting as a significant support to catch the internet signal. In other words, it is the router that helps the internet to work constantly while providing quality and high-speed internet signals. Mostly, the position or direction of your router matters a lot when it comes to internet speed. Sometimes, it happens that people avoid adjusting the direction and place of their internet routers. It also becomes more challenging for the router to catch the internet signals.


Therefore, you must ensure that nothing is placed between you and your internet router so that signals can easily flow without any signal barrier. Secondly, to have full internet signals on your devices, you must position the router to catch the maximum amount of internet signals. For doing so, you must place your router in a specific position at your home or office, where the router provided full signal strength. Sometimes, people also place the router near other electronic and electrical devices, which causes severe issues in slowing down the internet speed.


2.    Managing Connections


Sometimes, it also happens that internet connections pose some trouble for the smooth flow of internet connectivity. In reality, different internet connections visible on your computer devices with different network names make it complex for your system to detect the required network system. This usually happens where people avoid making network corrections while installing the intended internet connection. 


More openly, internet connections appear in two different types one is basic 2.4 GHz and the second type is 5GHz. So, let say you have connected with the standard 2.4 GHz internet connection. You have to move all other devices to a 5GHz network as it is a way to free other connections. In this way, the unwanted connection and the bandwidth of your internet connection will be free of the complex network suggestions. Additionally, moving irrelevant connections also helps to manage your bandwidth on specific online platforms accordingly.


3.    Keep Devices Up-to-Date  


Most people are not aware of the technological advancements due to which they are most likely to face issues like slow internet. In reality, it becomes essential to change or update your devices with time, especially those linked with the online platform of the internet. The changes in the internet and its use are global due to which companies are also producing devices and computer-related equipment day by day. Old appliances become problematic for the effectiveness of the internet. Therefore, if they are getting older, you should change or upgrade your devices, which will definitely increase your internet speed.


4.    Try “To Turn On and Off”


Devices that are working with the internet are not always the primary reason behind the slow speed of the internet, as sometimes, devices are stuck over their working. For example, a sudden shutdown of the internet server from the ISP or other issues of electricity failure can cause the device to stop working effectively. In such situations, you need to check your devices first and if something is not even appearing as wrong, try to turn on and off your devices. Therefore, turning off and on your internet-linked devices is one of the ways to manage the slow speed of the internet.


5.    Ask Help from the ISP


If you have gone through all the ways mentioned above to increase your internet speed and even slow your internet speed, ask help from the Internet Service provider (ISP). In fact, sometimes, there is no issue occurring on the user's side, but on the side of the person providing the internet facility. Call the ISP and ask for help so that you can get the fast speed of your internet back to your devices. The server of the ISP may be down, or there is another issue like wire cut, thunderstorm, and electricity issue in the area from where the ISP is sending you the internet connection. Therefore, if you have done all the fixes mentioned above, you should ask for help or contact your ISP.


6.    Check your Internet Speed


Last but not least, another way to check the issue of slow internet speed is through an online speed test service. Using this service, it becomes more transparent regarding the uploading and downloading speed of your internet. Generate your internet speed test report and save it to show to your ISP, in case. Connect all devices separately and collectively to have the complete result about your internet connection speed. Observe your results by comparing them with the response time of the internet on different devices. Therefore, checking internet speed is another way to observe the issue of your slow speed internet.



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