5 Mind-Blowing Facts about WIFI Speed Test

Sunday, October 03, 2021

5 Mind-Blowing Facts about WIFI Speed Test


5 Mind-Blowing Facts about Wifi Speed Test

Running a Wifi speed test is a quick and easy way to assess the quality of your internet service. Whether your online appears to be slower than it should be, performing a speed test is the quickest way to determine whether something is wrong on your end or if the problem is with your broadband provider. We know that speed tests are used to achieve the greatest potential performance by examining five mind-numbing facts regarding WiFi speed testing. It aids in the acceleration of bandwidth, download, and upload speeds. The optimum performance comes from testing speed on a regular basis. It fixes your wireless network problem and assures that no one steals your bandwidth.


Five brain bashing realities about the Wifi speed test include:


·      WiFi speed determines how much data and information may be transferred over the internet on a single connection.


·      It's important for consumers since the speed of your WiFi influences what you can accomplish on the internet.



·      A fast, basic approach to evaluating your communication service performance is to see how many devices you can lead a WiFi speed test with.



·      Speed tests are the most effective technique to guarantee that you are getting the optimal bandwidth speed from your connection.


·      A speed test is the quickest way to determine whether something is wrong on your end or whether the problem is with your broadband provider.


Why internet speed test is required?


You can't forget about an internet connection just because you have one. You will be really upset if it slows slowly, for example. Streaming and downloading movies, music, and various documents will be difficult. Consider a scenario in which your wifi is slow yet you need to send emails with a large file or conduct a Skype call. These difficulties will prompt them to investigate the root of the problem as soon as possible. It is for this reason that you must comprehend the testing methodology and the meaning of the findings.


How the wifi speed is evaluated?


Before you start the test method, you should switch off any unneeded projects that connect to the internet. After that, you'll need to use reputable online testing. Myspeedtest.io, Ookla speed test and Bandwidth are all good options. The way this works is that you go to any of these websites and look for the option to conduct the test. After you press the link, the results will appear after a few moments. When you complete a test, the results will include a large amount of numbers. What precisely do these figures indicate? Let's begin by defining a few essential terms:


Downloading Speed:


 It's measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and relates to how quickly test data is sent from the tester to your pc through your internet connection. These figures determine how quickly you can load web pages, listen to recordings, and get documents from the internet.


Transfer Speed:


 In contrast to download speed, transfer speed determines how quickly your home network sends data to the tester's servers. It's measured in megabits per second. This value also determines how quickly you can send messages and upload photos to social media. The download speed is frequently slowed by this value.




Latency measures the time it takes for information to move from one computer to another in a network, as well as the time it takes for your machine to receive a response from the internet when it sends a request. The time is measured in milliseconds.




This test determines whether or not your local area network, or LAN, is protected by a firewall. If it doesn't, you'll need to create one to focus on network security.


5 Rules for an Effective Wifi Speed Test:


Most of us are aware of internet speed testing services. Some of these sites, such as myspeedtest.io, Speedtest.net, Speakeasy, and others, are undoubtedly familiar to you. Internet speed test sites are frequently adequate, but they are not always the most accurate approach to determine your bandwidth.

The five things you should take to guarantee that your internet speed test is as accurate as possible are listed below.


Restart your modem and router on a regular basis:


Restarting is the typical first-step procedure for almost every technical fault. However, especially with routers and quick computerized modems, it is a crucial proactive action to take.


A small computer is a modem and router that work together to connect your PCs and other devices to the web.




Other than that, don't use the internet:


While you've probably previously considered it, this is maybe the most important guideline to remember. If you're checking your internet speed, don't use it while you're doing so.


Music services in the air, updates downloaded via Windows Update, wifi surveillance cameras transmitting HD footage, Netflix streaming on a TV in another room, an adaptive speaker blasting music in your room, and so on are just a few examples.


Before testing, always restart your computer or device:


To avoid sounding overly repetitious, restarting is really beneficial.


Indeed, just like with the connection and broadband, restarting the computer (or tablet, mobile phone, or other device) from which you are testing your internet is a simple action that may have a significant impact on the accuracy of your internet test.


Remember to clear the cache in your browser:


On that topic, clearing your browser's cache is another wise thing to do before evaluating your internet speed. It would be best to do this before each subsequent test, assuming you'll be testing multiple times in succession.


Most internet speed tests operate by downloading and transferring one or more files of certain sizes and then calculating your internet speed based on how long it takes those items to do so.



Instead, use a JavaScript Internet Speed Test:


Finally, we recommend that you evaluate your data transmission capability using an HTML5-based test rather than a Flash-based on.


myspeedtest.io, SpeedOf.me, Speedtest.net, Fast.com, and TestMy.net are considered to be some of the perfect HTML5 internet speed tests.


Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect speed test!


Minimizing noise during an internet speed test, which the few tips above may help you achieve, helps significantly to a more optimal speed test result.