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The quality and speed of your internet connection is a crucial element of your work and personal life in today's digital world. The speed test from checks your connection, enabling you to keep a check that the provider is offering you with the required service you paid for, whether it's broadband, fiber, 3G, HSPA, or 4G. Those looking to compare internet bundles may use our speed test as well. You can optimize your internet connection and avail the most out of your online experience armed with your wifi speed test findings. works on the principle of leveraging a diverse service of the internet speed test. We aim to measure the internet speed between your test server and the device using your device's internet connection. We are offering a magnificent network of approximately 11,000 servers which are hosted all over the world. However, the real perk that is offering is that it selects a server around the corner with the rapid search result for measuring the maximum level of the internet connection.

Well, that is not the only perk you will get from, as we encourage you to even modify the testing server to an entirely different one rather than the default one.

Regardless of the server, you select, all tests reflect your current ISP or carrier connection speed. Testing to an ISP or carrier's server does not necessarily indicate how fast your connection would be if you signed up for their services.

Just because measures your network connection in real-time, results from tests done within a few minutes of each other may differ somewhat depending on network congestion and available capacity. If the results of your speed test change substantially, make sure you're:

  • Targeting the same link is being tested. You're evaluating the speeds of different connections if one device is connected to wifi and the other isn't.

  • We are using the same server for testing. Our speed test chooses a server to test against depending on ping, but you may also select a server to test.

We use your device's internet connection to assess the speed between your device and a test server. A test's speed can be influenced by many factors. One of them includes:

Wifi and cellular radio capabilities vary widely among devices (phones, tablets, PCs, and so on). It implies that you could receive one Speedtest result on one device and a different result on another even if you're using the same provider. Some gadgets may be unable to estimate the entire speed of your internet connection accurately. It's also conceivable that your wifi router doesn't support the full speed of your service.

What else can you expect from

  • Simplify network administration and aid communication and collaboration among your telecommuters while keeping expenses low.

  • Simplify regional communication, power wavelength applications, and fulfill consumers' expectations for communication and wifi

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